How does kronosnet relate to/compare with Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC)

Fabio M. Di Nitto fabbione at
Fri Dec 28 12:29:31 CET 2018

On 12/21/2018 12:30 AM, Jan Pokorný wrote:
> Hello list,
> sometimes, usually when surfing semi-randomly, I get to know about
> things that either resemble deja vu to me, or make me feel that
> I must have lived in an utter ignorance/tunnel so far.
> Now, both thing combined:

Actually it's been in my TODO list for a while to see if we can leverage
TIPC as transport protocol for knet, since knet has pluggable transport

>From a first look, as you already discovered, there is some level of
overlap. As Roger already mentioned, there are pros and cons to both.

What I am always a bit afraid of, is to start depending on kernel space
(in this case the TIPC part) and possible API/ABI breakages that would
require a more complex maintenance of knet or other applications on top.


> Especially now that I checked the kernel module and userspace utility
> lurk on my Linux machine without ever being asked :-)
> $ { eval modinfo\ {-F\ description\ ,-F\ version\ ,-F\ license\ }tipc\;
>   echo; tipc -h; }
>> TIPC: Transparent Inter Process Communication
>> 2.0.0
>> Dual BSD/GPL
>> Transparent Inter-Process Communication Protocol
>> Usage: tipc [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS] ...
>> Options:
>>  -h, --help 		Print help for last given command
>> Commands:
>>  bearer                - Show or modify bearers
>>  link                  - Show or modify links
>>  media                 - Show or modify media
>>  nametable             - Show nametable
>>  node                  - Show or modify node related parameters
>>  peer                  - Peer related operations
>>  socket                - Show sockets
> Naturally, I am curious how much of an overlap is there, wether there
> have been any comparisons/benchmarks conducted, all the these sort of
> things incl. whether the was an a priori knowledge, perhaps
> inspirational, about this other project.
> Kronosnet looks to me more on the pragmatically usable and simple side,
> buying also better portability and avoiding complexities (I take the
> plugins more like a "look what we can offload from your application
> layer" demonstration, yet encryption/auth/integrity protection makes
> a great deal of sense there) beyond UDP (which fully suffices when
> combined with corosync), something that TIPC covers as well while
> providing a lot of other abstractions incl. peer discovery, bells
> and unicorns (which might be heavy overkill for that use case).
> Any inputs welcome.
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