How does kronosnet relate to/compare with Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC)

Roger Zhou zzhou at
Fri Dec 21 07:16:59 CET 2018

My 2 cents for their difference, as being exposed to both knet 
(currently) and tipc (several years ago), though limited.

* Network topology - distance among nodes

  - knet is flexible among different subnets, and leverage IP routing

  - Well, tipc, by its name, inherits from IPC. The cluster inter node
    communication mostly is inside the subnet, no routing in between.
    Even further, tipc supports intra node communication. Its capability
    and performance is pretty cool.

* in-kernel implementation vs. user space

  - knet might be good to work with user space protocol stack, eg. DPDK,
    if there is use case push hard for performance.

  - tipc is implemented in kernel, naturally good performance for its
    application in the kernel land. Though, it does provide userspace

* cluster membership management

  - knet's application, namely, corosync is full fledged together with

  - well, tpic's membership management is limited. Basically, there is no
    equivalent implementation in kernel like corosync.

* Community and Industry

  - knet is part of Linux HA/ClusterLabs, which helps use cases in
    enterprise data centers.

  - tipc is part of OpenSAF, which helps use cases in Data
    Communication, HPC, etc.

I do think it is a very interesting research topic to merge both
communities at some extent.


On 12/21/18 7:30 AM, Jan Pokorný wrote:
> Hello list,
> sometimes, usually when surfing semi-randomly, I get to know about
> things that either resemble deja vu to me, or make me feel that
> I must have lived in an utter ignorance/tunnel so far.
> Now, both thing combined:
> Especially now that I checked the kernel module and userspace utility
> lurk on my Linux machine without ever being asked :-)
> $ { eval modinfo\ {-F\ description\ ,-F\ version\ ,-F\ license\ }tipc\;
>    echo; tipc -h; }
>> TIPC: Transparent Inter Process Communication
>> 2.0.0
>> Dual BSD/GPL
>> Transparent Inter-Process Communication Protocol
>> Usage: tipc [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS] ...
>> Options:
>>   -h, --help 		Print help for last given command
>> Commands:
>>   bearer                - Show or modify bearers
>>   link                  - Show or modify links
>>   media                 - Show or modify media
>>   nametable             - Show nametable
>>   node                  - Show or modify node related parameters
>>   peer                  - Peer related operations
>>   socket                - Show sockets
> Naturally, I am curious how much of an overlap is there, wether there
> have been any comparisons/benchmarks conducted, all the these sort of
> things incl. whether the was an a priori knowledge, perhaps
> inspirational, about this other project.
> Kronosnet looks to me more on the pragmatically usable and simple side,
> buying also better portability and avoiding complexities (I take the
> plugins more like a "look what we can offload from your application
> layer" demonstration, yet encryption/auth/integrity protection makes
> a great deal of sense there) beyond UDP (which fully suffices when
> combined with corosync), something that TIPC covers as well while
> providing a lot of other abstractions incl. peer discovery, bells
> and unicorns (which might be heavy overkill for that use case).
> Any inputs welcome.
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