compression plugin compress level validation

Ferenc Wágner wferi at
Wed Feb 14 09:32:16 CET 2018

"Fabio M. Di Nitto" <fdinitto at> writes:

> so basically:
> - normal operations, traffic is going
> - user calls knet_compress_config
>   - internally:
>     - traffic stops (this happens now as well, no changes here)
>     - compress level validation API will try to compress a random static
> _____ buffer to see if the value is accepted by the compression library
>    - if not, return error and etc..
>    - if yes, move on and release the hell hounds :-)
> In short I am suggesting to delegate the val_level to the external
> library. I don´t see how that´s worse than filtering during
> configuration tho and doesn´t affect any TX traffic.

Agreed.  And keep the current logic in the lzo2 plugin, maybe adding
some more logging.  Even a full roundtrip into the compression library
might be worth considering.  I don't think we really need random data
for that, though.

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