compression plugin compress level validation

Fabio M. Di Nitto fdinitto at
Fri Feb 9 07:05:15 CET 2018

Hey guys,

original discussion started here (for reference):

int knet_handle_compress(knet_handle_t knet_h,
 struct knet_handle_compress_cfg *knet_handle_compress_cfg);

Where knet_handle_compress_cfg contains int compress_level.

As you can see from libknet.h and relative code, we try (too hard) to
validate the values for compress_level.

Feri had a proper concern about applying incorrect filtering and I agree
that it is already becoming complex to maintain a matrix of valid
values, per plugin, per plugin-version, and whatever combination.

AFAIR all plugins accept an int value for compress_level so from that
perspective it shouldn´t be too much of a problem (aka no API/ABI changes).

Historically, the reason why I added the validation was lzo2, that
presents a rather unusual compress configuration vs all other plugins
(as you can see).

I think Feri´s suggestion to drop the filter completely might be too
much, instead, after thinking a bit, it might be perfectly reason to
change the internals of val_level to try and compress a small buffer to
test that the value is good.
The val_level is used only at configuration time, so it´s not too
expensive to compress one small data chunk for validation and it would
remove the whole hardcoded filter of different compress_levels.

For special plugins like lzo2, I think it´s important we improve the
logging at configuration time to make sure users at least warned of
supported values (as you can see each values map to a specific lzo2 API
call to compress).



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